Blockchain company receipt advertising network for businesses

Received ads are a growing market for businesses in many industries.

The ad exchange company Blockchain will launch receipt advertising service on its blockchain platform, Reception Ad Exchange, on April 21.

The service, which allows businesses to exchange digital receipts, will allow them to receive advertising from publishers that match their interests, according to the company.

The app will allow companies to set a minimum bid amount and receive ads for a fee.

Receipt Ad Exchange has previously been used for digital ad exchanges and is the first app to be launched to integrate blockchain technology, according the company’s press release.

It’s unclear when the app will launch or how many people can participate.

Reception ad exchange is similar to those offered by publishers and other advertising agencies, but the company does not offer any sort of commission model.

The company aims to build an audience for receipt advertising, according Reception Advertising Platform, which was created to help publishers improve their digital advertising.

In addition to receiving advertising, the company also provides a marketplace for publishers to buy digital receipts.

The Reception App, which is free to download, will be available for iOS and Android phones.

The platform also includes a QR code reader to let users scan receipts for advertisers.

For more information about the company and its services, go to

The news comes just a week after Reception, a payment processing company, announced that it would launch a digital receipt exchange app.

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