How to fix american ads

“Americans don’t pay a cent for ads anymore.

What are they really going to do with the money?” said an exasperated Reddit user.

“We are literally paying more for advertising than any other country in the world.”

While Americans were used to seeing ads in the UK, Australia and Canada, many now feel that they are not getting the same value for their money.

“I have heard from people who have had ads in both countries for over a decade and the only difference is that Americans pay a higher price for ads in a different market,” said Reddit user wtf_shy.

“You should not pay more for a product if you are not going to use it.”

Reddit user katyjm_ has been asking the question for over three years now.

“Do I really have to pay more to see an ad in a country that has no ads?” she said.

“If I don’t, I should just buy a TV instead.

That way, I will get the same amount of content, and I can just skip ads when I want to.”

Reddit users have also started to take to Twitter to voice their concerns.

“Americans do not pay a penny for ads,” wrote @lauracademy.

“What are they actually going to want to watch if they are only going to see ads in their own country?”

Another Twitter user, @pam_brenner, said, “The American ads are killing our content and our economy.”

Redditors are also voicing concerns about Google’s decision to start pulling ads from their search results, as well as its push to expand the amount of ads in search results that can appear on the homepage of its website.

“Google is just using Google to get around the FCC and get its ads onto search results,” one user, ryanmik, wrote.

“But if we don’t fight back, we’re all going to be watching those ads on YouTube.”

Some Redditors have also gone as far as to organise a protest to highlight how the FCC has taken away the rights of Americans.

“There is no question that the FCC is trying to take away Americans’ right to free speech and freedom of association, and this is a direct violation of the First Amendment,” wrote one Reddit user, karissa.

“This is not fair to Americans who have worked for Google for many years, or have worked with Google in many other ways.

The FCC has become a giant bully in our country.

The Internet is our democracy, and we must protect it.”

“We’re not just fighting for our rights here in the US, we want to protect the rights that have been fought for in the rest of the world,” said another Reddit user in a post detailing her concerns.

The comments section on Reddit have also been flooded with users expressing support for the protesters.

“It’s so unfair, so out of touch, to say I’m a supporter of this protest.

I’m not even sure if I can speak for all of us.

The protests are about free speech,” wrote user jonathanspruitt.

“The FCC is the biggest threat to democracy in the modern era.

It is trying everything to suppress and censor it, and then it decides that they need a reason to do it.”

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