How to use the ad blocking software to block ads from the web

How to block ad-blocking software in your browser article Here are a few quick tips to help you get started blocking ads on the web.


Check your ad blocker settings.

If you’re using Adblock Plus, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge, click the menu button on the toolbar.

In the lower right corner, click Options.

Under the Advanced tab, click Settings.

Click Privacy.

If your ad blocking settings are not set up correctly, they may block ads in your web browser and limit the amount of time you can download and install ads.


Block unwanted websites.

If the ads are not showing up, or you’ve blocked them, you can try the following steps: Visit any website that you know is advertising, and click the ad you want to block.

You can also go to the website you want blocked and click Show advanced settings, to see which ad settings you can set to block unwanted ads.

The more advanced the settings, the easier it will be to block them.


Try another browser or browser extension.

The same techniques can also be used to block any unwanted ads on a specific site.

To do this, open the Firefox browser and click Extensions.

In this window, select Options.

In Advanced tab (in the lower left corner), click Add a checkbox to add a third-party ad blocker.


Change your web address to block websites that you don’t want to be blocked by.

If an ad blocker is blocking your browser, you’ll need to change the domain name of the ad blocker to the one you want it to block, and add the following domain to the block list: If you already have an ad-blocker, you may need to do a little extra work to block the ad-based ads.

You may need a browser extension to block those ads.


Use an alternative ad blocking program.

Some ad blockers, such as AdblockPlus, Block Ad, Optimal Ad and Adblocker Plus, can block ads on your computer or mobile device, while others, such a Google Adblock, BlockAll and AdBlock Plus, may block them on all websites.

You should also check to make sure your web page or website is hosted on a trustworthy, legal domain, such the name of your business or other private, publicly visible domain.

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