The most common ways to pay for advertising

In the video, we see a woman in a red dress who is about to get up on the escalator, but it is quickly blocked by an ad for a company called craigslist advertising.

The ad is an advertisement for a Craigslist ad service that lets advertisers buy ads on the site.

A woman on the left, wearing a red skirt, is also on the video.

She asks to use the service.

The next ad is for a clothing store.

The ads show people buying clothes in the clothing store, but we don’t see the clothes being sold.

We see the ads for the shoes, but the ads don’t actually show people putting money into the shoe store.

Instead, they show a man buying a pair of shoes.

The final ad is a company advertising board.

The board’s website says it “promotes a healthy and rewarding lifestyle.”

It then shows a woman wearing a white dress, a white shirt, and white shoes, who is standing next to a man wearing a black suit.

The board says it is for the purpose of selling business ideas and services to consumers and for the advancement of business in the communities we serve.

The ad is blocked by another advertiser called nike advertising.

It has a similar slogan to the one on craigslist:”New York City’s first and only ad agency to create branded advertising for NYC businesses.”

The video ends with the narrator saying, “The best way to get an idea of what people want is to buy it.”

The ad that is blocked is not actually from craigslist.

It is from an ad firm called DBA Group, which is a subsidiary of an advertising company called ad firm DoubleVenture, which was founded by Adweek editor-in-chief Michael Osterholm.

The DBA ad appears to be a generic ad for another company called nikke advertising.

In the ad, a woman is in a dress.

The woman asks for an item called a “Nike shoe.”

The first ad on the board is an ad that was bought by another ad firm, DoubleVentures.

DoubleVents ads were bought by a company named nikkis advertising, which the company said was “the first and ONLY ad agency in NYC to create and sell branded advertising to NYC businesses for NYC business ideas, services, and goods.”

DoubleVentURES says the ad on was purchased by an advertising firm called nikes advertising, but there’s no evidence that DoubleVestures is a nike ad company.

The company says the ads are sponsored by nikes ad agency.

The DoubleVENTURES ad is not a sponsored ad.

The nikkes ad is sponsored.

The DoubleVENTS ad is actually a nikkie ad.

When I first saw the ad and saw the slogan, “New York’s first, and only, ad agency,” I immediately thought to myself, “This is a little far-fetched.”

It is.

I thought, I mean, this is not exactly like an actual advertisement.

There’s no mention of nike, or even of the nike shoe.

It’s just a generic image.

I tried to contact DoubleV estures, Doubleventures, nikks advertising, and DoubleVens ad agency for comment.

None of the people I reached by email responded to my calls and emails.

I also contacted the Brooklyn advertising board, which also declined to comment.

When I called them to ask about this ad, they told me it was a sponsored campaign and that they weren’t involved.

They also said that they were a private company and that I could ask about the ad.

I then contacted a New York ad firm named DoubleVente that owns nikken ad company, which did not respond to requests for comment either.

I then reached out to DBA, and that ad was blocked.

Doubleventured told me that its ad on a company that is not an ad agency is a sponsored one.

Doubleventured, which owns DoubleVendo, said in a statement that the ad was purchased for advertising purposes by DoubleVendures.

It said it was not a nikkie ad, nor did it advertise on craihs.

If I had contacted the company directly, I would have been able to ask for clarification on why it was blocked, but I didn’t.

DoubleVente also told me by email that the ads on were bought with a commercial, and the commercial did not appear on the ad board or the website.

The doubleventure ad on is not sponsored.

It says “We are an ad provider and publisher who partner with a broad array of brands and content creators.

We have been in business for over 25 years and have developed and maintained the largest and most extensive catalog of custom and branded content on the web.”DBA’s ads on, the company’s video ad platform

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