What is Google ads? and what does it do?

In the new year, Google is going to have a whole lot more advertising, and it’s not just ads that you’ll see.

Google is planning to build out a whole new ad network that will provide a wide range of different ad formats, including sponsored content, video ads, search ads, and more.

As part of that new advertising infrastructure, Google will be adding video ads to its search results, for example.

While Google isn’t going to be using Google Video in its search result, you’ll be able to find videos on YouTube that appear to be Google videos, which will likely come as a surprise to most of us.

The search results are also going to become more personalized and more like a video app, in a way that’s consistent with Google’s ad products.

The new video ads will also be displayed with the other videos that you see when you search for “video ads.”

That means that, in addition to being displayed on YouTube, you will be able also to find sponsored videos on those sites.

The goal is that these videos will appear alongside your current search results as a video ad.

And it sounds like they’ll work well for YouTube videos, too.

The reason that this isn’t Google Video for YouTube, as Google is referring to it, is because the videos are going to come from Google.

Google has invested heavily in video ads and has a very good track record with video ads.

YouTube videos can be downloaded for free, and ads that are placed on YouTube have an incredibly high conversion rate, according to YouTube.

So while there are a lot of reasons why Google is trying to improve video ads in 2018, Google’s new video ad network will certainly help them do so.

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