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Airport advertising companies are facing scrutiny over their role in a new advertising campaign aimed at boosting sales of new AirAsia jets.

Key points: A new campaign is targeting air travel by using billboards and other media to promote the new Air Asia planes The advertising company has also been caught making money off of the ads The campaign has drawn criticism from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)The new campaign, called AirAsiaOne, is being run by a company called CPC advertising.

The campaign features billboards, promotional videos and other images that are aimed at raising sales of AirAsia One planes.

AirAsiaOne is a new airline that is set to open its first service in 2018, and it has attracted a lot of attention.

It is set up as a joint venture between AirAsia and China’s state-run airline, China Airlines, and is the only privately owned carrier to fly domestically.

The campaign is set for launch in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth on January 23, 2020.

“We’ve got a fantastic team at CPC and they are well aware of the opportunity they have here,” CPC CEO Michael O’Leary said.

“[We’re] confident we will be successful.”

Mr O’Leo said he had not heard from the Australian Government or AirAsia about the campaign.

CPC is the largest advertising company in Australia and is part of the AirAsia group, which has stakes in several airlines including Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways and Thai Airways.

When contacted by News.net.au, Mr O’Oleys spokesperson said: “CPC has never engaged in any sort of direct or indirect commercial activity with any advertiser.”

He said CPC has “never, in any way, made any profit from the advertising” it had paid for.

“In fact, CPC will continue to work with AirAsia to ensure that the advertising it has paid for is utilised to its full potential,” he said.CPC was the second company to be caught advertising for AirAsia in an advertisement, after the Australian Airlines advertising agency, JWT, was accused of misleading consumers.CPP has a long history of advertising for other airlines, including a partnership with Jetstar in 2006.

AirAsia has denied any wrongdoing and has defended its role in the advertising.”CPC operates a range of commercial activities that are designed to improve the efficiency and quality of air travel,” it said in a statement.

“These activities are conducted in accordance with our Advertising Code of Conduct, which includes all the guidelines set out in the Code of Ethics, as well as other regulations and guidance issued by the Australian Council of Advertising Ethics.”

The campaign has also drawn criticism in the Advertising Board of Australia (ABAA), the body that regulates the advertising industry.

It is the first time the ASA has received a complaint over the campaign, which it said could be considered a “serious offence”.

“The ABAA’s investigation will assess whether there is any reasonable prospect of the ad being in breach of the Code,” it stated in a release.

ABC Business Breakfast’s Jacqui Smith said there were also questions about whether CPC should have been fined for its role, given the company’s past relationship with the Chinese state.

“I think it’s a bit of a Catch-22 situation because CPC is already being sued for other advertising in the past,” she said.

“You can’t go back and say that you don’t know that there’s been a relationship, you can’t say, well it’s just an incidental relationship.”

So the question for the ABAA is: ‘Is there a relationship between CPC, CPB, CPAA, CPACA and AirAsia, or is it a direct or direct-obligation relationship?’

“She said there was also the question of whether the campaign would be deemed a breach of advertising rules because it was “misleading”.”

So is it fair to say it’s misleading to tell a consumer there’s a deal with Air Asia, and to then not disclose that to them?” she asked.

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