Why it’s still so difficult to tell if an ad is fake

Advertising agencies often make an argument that a piece of content is legitimate because of how it’s formatted.

It’s often said that the first line of text of an ad, or even the headline of an article, should be bold, but in reality it’s often the case that it’s a mix of italics and hyphens that are used in the text.

The new research from marketing software firm Adwords suggests that the average impression a piece has will vary widely depending on the type of text and what font is used.

It also shows that the difference between a copy that’s actually authentic and a copy created by a human is even more pronounced in some cases.

When a copy is actually created by humans, it’s typically a lot more readable than an imitation, and the text on its own is often a good indicator of whether or not it’s real.

But when the copy is done by a computer, it can often look like an automated script, or a poorly-designed script with poorly-constructed headlines.

The result is that it becomes hard to tell which is real.

“I’m often asked about this, and it’s always, ‘How do you tell the difference?'” said Adwords product manager Adam Purdy.

“The way we tell the different is by how the copy looks and sounds.”

Purdy explained that in order to determine the authenticity of a piece, the client will often ask a number of questions, like whether it’s being edited and whether the text looks like it’s been tampered with.

But, unlike in real-world situations, when a copy was created by an automated process, it would likely be difficult to determine whether the script was actually written by an agent or if the author of the script has simply copied a piece that already exists on the web.

This is because automated script engines are often much more likely to be used to create headlines and text that are highly visible, which in turn makes it difficult to detect which parts of the document were edited.

It makes it even more difficult to assess if the original text is really representative of the text it was originally created with.

“The majority of the time, automated scripts look like they’re written by humans,” said Purdy, who added that this means that there’s often a huge discrepancy between what a computer is actually looking for and what it’s actually seeing.

“We want to make sure that people are aware that they can do a search on the site, and if they can’t find something, they can go and look at the source,” he said.

“But in the process of doing that, we’re not actually seeing the content.”

While automated scripts are commonly used in social media marketing, Purdy says that the real issue lies in the fact that automated scripts can often produce very misleading results.

The most obvious example is the use of the words ‘click’ and ‘click here’ in an automated text, which are not always what they seem.

For example, when people click on a button in a social media post, the word ‘click’, instead of ‘click,’ is often used.

In the past, the Google Search Engine would reject an ad for this, but now it has become very common in the world of online advertising.

The Adwords research shows that for every click on an automated headline, it costs the advertiser $10 in SEO fees.

But in other cases, automated script engine is often less accurate than human writers.

In some cases, the automated script is so inaccurate that it can even appear to be a script written by human.

For instance, the following automated script uses the word “click” instead of “click here” when a user types a name in the search bar:The AdWords research also found that for each click, the AdWords adverts for this site were earning the same amount of clicks as a human, and in some instances, it could even earn more.

The problem is exacerbated for sites that don’t have a good way to measure and compare what a human agent has written.

Purdy explained, for example, that it may be more effective to use the search engine as a proxy for the content being targeted.

“If you want to use automated scripts as a tool to target, it becomes even more important to use a human-written script,” he added.

“When you do that, you’re going to get a lot of errors because it’s really hard to distinguish if the script is human or automated,” Purdy said.

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