Advertisers say they’re taking more risks with the new Google ads feature

The industry has been grappling with the issue of ads not appearing on Google products, which is the case on mobile and desktop platforms, but Google is pushing ahead with its ad platform to address the issue.

“Google has built a great platform to deliver ads to your devices, but advertisers are still facing an ad-by-ad experience that is not working for their needs,” said Scott Sibben, vice president of product strategy at ad-focused ad agency Gannett, in a statement.

“As Google’s platforms evolve, we want to provide better, more personalized experiences for our advertisers to better serve them.

We are excited to see Google continue to innovate with new features and tools to improve the ad experience for advertisers.”

Sibben noted that Google’s ad platform was designed to be “more relevant” to advertisers, rather than just a way to give them a way of generating advertising revenue.

“We’re focused on delivering better and more personalized ads, so that advertisers can have the best ad experience on their device,” he said.

Google is now working to roll out new features to help improve the experience of its ad services, including an option to automatically remove ads from a Google Search result when it’s found to be misleading.

It also said it will be launching a new service that will allow users to “adopt” their own personalized ads.

Advertisers are increasingly concerned about the quality of Google’s services, which are often based on data from third parties.

The company’s ad services have long been criticized for their lack of privacy, as well as for its reliance on paid partnerships with third-party platforms.

Advertising companies have been frustrated by the lack of transparency around how the company uses data, and many worry that advertisers will not be able to understand the types of data that Google uses to deliver its ads.

“If Google does not provide meaningful information about how they use data and how it’s used, then it will create a false sense of trust in the advertising industry,” said David B. Pfeifer, senior vice president for global public policy at the Consumer Federation of America, in the statement.

Pfeifer also cited the “trust gap” between Google and advertisers, where consumers trust the company when it comes to its privacy practices.

“The truth is that advertisers don’t trust Google’s privacy practices,” he added.

Google said that the change would only be in place for a short time and that it will offer a way for advertisers to opt out of this new feature.

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