Man charged over ‘sex abuse’ videos at NRL club

News Corp has stepped up pressure on the Sydney Roosters to pay a $1.1 million fine to the NRL for breaching its rules over its use of social media and other advertising in relation to player welfare and the club’s advertising policy.

In February, News Corp News and Media Limited was fined $1 million after being found to have breached a new privacy policy on social media by failing to ensure it complied with the terms of the policy.

The NRL had said it would pay the fine, but a spokesman said the club would appeal the decision.

In its complaint to the Federal Court in October, the NRL said the breach had “severely impacted” its ability to compete in the live entertainment and broadcasting market.

News Corp News & Media Limited is a media company with a business of providing media products and services for a variety of businesses including newspapers, television, radio and internet.

It also publishes business news and other information.

The company operates on a global basis and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol NASDAQ.

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