When the ads start to roll in: The latest on the Australian Government’s $1.1 billion ad campaign

The Australian Government is gearing up to launch its latest campaign of “Adelaide Week” advertising after a successful launch in the United States earlier this year.

Advertisement The campaign will run in Adelaide from June 5 to July 7.

Advertisement Adelaide Week will see advertising in local languages and local venues including the new Adelaide Park, a park in the city’s north.

The new campaign will target younger people, particularly in South Australia, the capital, where the population is more affluent.

Adelaide Weekly will run on the first weekend in July, running from July 5 to 7, and will feature local artists, music and sports.

It will also feature a range of national brands including Hyundai, Citi, Telstra and T-Mobile.

Advertisers will be able to bid for spots in Adelaide Weekly and advertise directly to the local audience through the Adelaide Weekly app.

The Government is hoping to build on the success of the American ad campaign.

The National Advertising Standards Agency (NAA) says advertising campaigns are often very successful, and there has been significant uptake of digital media, particularly digital advertising, since the introduction of digital billboards in the US in 2010.

Advertising companies have traditionally done much of their business online, which has led to some issues.

The Australian Government has been one of the most aggressive and successful ad providers in Australia.

Ads on the streets and billboards in AdelaideWeek are expected to be the first significant advertising campaigns of the year.

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