Which advertising company in India should you hire?

A few weeks back, I posted an article about the best ad agency companies in India, where the country is now home to about 60,000 ad agencies.

Here are some tips for the ad agency job hunt in India.1.

Learn from each other 2.

Get to know the companies better 3.

Learn how to find your next client (not just your last) 4.

Know your clients better (don’t go to the agency for a photo shoot) 5.

Find out how to build your portfolio6.

Don’t forget about quality7.

Find a way to make your clients happy8.

Be prepared for rejection9.

Know the ad agencies language8.

Know how to get over rejection10.

Know what you need to know to succeed in India11.

Know which companies to start and which to stop12.

Learn the rules and regulations for ad agencies13.

Know when to say no to an offer14.

Know why you should apply to a company15.

Know where to get help16.

Know about the different kinds of projects17.

Know who the people you should be working with18.

Know if they are trustworthy19.

Know all the best places to meet people20.

Know that you can make money by doing things in India21.

Know things like minimum wage, unemployment insurance, pensions, and so on22.

Know you can’t be fired because you did something wrong23.

Know they will always take you back if you do something wrong24.

Know exactly what you can expect when you start in the ad industry25.

Know this is an expensive business27.

Know to keep your distance28.

Know and appreciate how to use social media29.

Know just what to say30.

Know a bit about how to make money on the Internet31.

Know these things when you’re out to find a job.

It may seem like a lot to take in, but you’ll get more out of it.

Start with the tips below, then work your way down the list.1) Make an appointment with the company2) Get to Know the Companies Better3) Learn How to Find Your Next Client4) Know Your Clients Better5) Know How to Build Your Pivotal Portfolio6) Know All the Rules and Regulations for Ad Agencies7) Know What to Do with a Resume8) Know when and where to meet clients9) Know where and how to hire employees10) Know what to do if you get rejected11) Know how much to pay for your work12) Know the rules about working hours and the hours of rest13) Know all of the companies rules14) Know who your clients are15) Know that they will take you to work16) Know which agencies to start17) Know things you need at work18) Know if you can get over a rejection19) Know why they will hire you20) Know your rights and responsibilities21) Know about local and international regulations22) Know everything about advertising agencies and how they work23) Know these are expensive business24) Know just about everything about them25) Know a little about the ad industries rules and regulation26) Know exactly how much they will pay for the work you do.

The more you know, the better you will be able to do the job.

The next time you’re considering a new job, do yourself a favor and take the time to read up on the companies best practices, before you get the job offer.

You may find that you like what you hear, and that the company will really get out of you.

Be sure to find out more about the companies practices and their hiring processes in India before you start your job search.

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