‘AdBlock Plus’ is now ‘Adblock’

AdBlock Plus has been acquired by another ad network.

The ad blocker company had its first major acquisition with the acquisition of AdBlock Inc., which will bring it to about 50 million users, according to a post by AdBlock’s CEO, Jonathan Wexler.

Wexlers comments are a bit different than AdBlock itself, though, as the company says it has had a “significant amount of internal and external discussions.”

AdBlock has been around for over five years, and has recently undergone a slew of major acquisitions.

The company was started by Wexlers ex-wife and now CEO Jonathan Weyler in 2011.

Its product was designed to let users block ads from a wide range of sources, but it also allowed users to “block ads from any site or platform” via an ad blocker.

AdBlock was not only one of the first ad blocking apps, but also a pioneer in ad blocking on mobile.

Weylers team went on to create an ad network with a large number of ad providers including Google, Twitter, and Yahoo, as well as a number of mobile-first ad networks like AdMob.

The network’s first acquisition came in October, with the purchase of Adblock Plus for about $200 million.

The acquisition brings AdBlock to about 500 million users.

Ad Block has been working to build up its ad platform and also integrate with the likes of Google Play and Apple Pay, a move that will help the ad network expand its ad offering.

“AdBlock is building a world-class platform for advertisers to sell to consumers, which includes new and exciting ways to offer advertisers’ ads to consumers and to build an advertising ecosystem across the web,” Wexliers stated.

We also said the company will be integrating AdBlock with the “new and exciting” ad services like AdRoll and AdSpot.

AdRoll has been offering ad blocking and blocking ads for several years, but now the company is expanding to include ad blocking for other services.

AdSpot has been experimenting with ad blocking as well, and earlier this year announced the creation of AdSpot Premium, a service for advertisers who use the AdBlock app to make their ads more available on the web.

Adroll has also been working with the new ad platform Google Play, and will be able to add more ad services in the future.

Adblock has been one of those ad blocking services that has seen a lot of success in the past, but the company has been struggling with scaling and adoption in the wake of the ad blockers success.

The team at AdBlock is trying to make the platform even better, as it’s also working to make AdBlock a much more affordable option for the average consumer.

This acquisition will help AdBlock continue to grow, and provide users with a way to manage their ad blocking, which can make it even more attractive to advertisers.

AdBlocks ad platform has been popular for quite some time, with many users opting to turn to AdBlock instead of opting for ad blockers altogether.

It’s not clear whether AdBlock will continue to be the dominant ad blocking platform, or if its ad blocking app will continue its growth.

Either way, we’re excited to see what AdBlock and AdRoll have in store for us.

Ad blockers have long been popular, and AdBlock looks to be getting even more popular as a result.

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