‘Dirty Money’: Why The U.S. Is Sticking With Ads to Make Up for Its Lousy Economy

Business Insider’s Andrew Zimbalist explains why advertising is a bad idea for the U.K., the U, and other countries.

The U.N. has just released its annual Global Gender Gap Report.

While some countries have made progress in narrowing the gender gap, the United States remains stuck in a gender pay gap.

The United States is the only country that pays its female workers less than their male counterparts.

Women in the United Kingdom make 79 cents on the dollar compared to 77 cents in the U.

“The United Kingdom paid women 79 cents for every dollar paid to men in 2016, according to the UNAIDS, a United Nations agency.

The gap is the widest in the G7, and the U is one of only five countries that have no gender pay equity, according U.n. data.

It’s a trend that’s been happening for years.

U.k. employers paid women far less than men, and women are often paid less than those in other countries, as they often do in the workforce.”

And then when I went to work there, there was an absolute culture of sexism. “

There was a lot of sexism and discrimination against women.

And then when I went to work there, there was an absolute culture of sexism.

It was a bit weird.”

The problem isn’t limited to the United Sates.

While the United Nations and U.s.

Department of Labor are both calling for gender pay equality, they are largely focused on countries in Europe.

“We’re trying to push back against gender pay inequality in Europe because that is where the bulk of the gender pay inequities are occurring,” said U. n.

Under Secretary-General for Women and Gender Equality, Cecilia Malmstrom.

Malmstrom is one example of the problem that’s plagued the U., where women make just 77 cents on every dollar earned by men.

That’s a significant gap.

In fact, the US. is ranked fourth in the world in terms of gender pay gaps, behind only Mexico, Russia, and China.

The problem is that it’s difficult to measure the actual amount of inequality, Malmstrott says.

She points to studies that use different methods of measuring gender pay, such as gender pay ratio (GPOR) or the “real wage index,” which measures how much of an employee’s salary comes from tips and commissions, or from commissions from other sources like travel and entertainment.

Those two types of metrics are different from the one U. N. is using, which uses GPOR.

Malmstros report found that “the U. S. is not the only OECD country that does not measure its gender pay parity in these measures.”

In fact the U S. has one of the lowest GPORs of any OECD country, according a 2017 study from the OECD Gender Equality and Equity Institute, and that’s likely due to the fact that the U has a large pool of female employees, and because it’s the only nation in the OECD that doesn’t use the GPOR metric.

In the U .

S., the pay gap is even wider.

Women make 77 cents for each dollar paid by men in the US.

But the U lags behind the other OECD countries in terms with the gender earnings gap, and it’s one of just four countries in the E.U. that doesn.UNAIDS’ report on gender pay discrimination shows that U. s women are paid more than their men in other OECD nations, including the UK and Australia.

The report found, for example, that the pay of women in the Netherlands is significantly higher than the pay in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, which is why the U s women make less.

The U also lags far behind the Netherlands and Norway in terms in the proportion of female-to-male wage inequality.

According to U.A.T.S., which tracks gender pay disparities, the Netherlands has the highest proportion of women who are paid less by male employers than men.

The study found that the UK is the lowest in the country in terms.

According a U.a.

T, U. ks female-dominated industries, such in education, health care, and construction, account for almost a third of all gender pay differences.

These industries are particularly susceptible to pay discrimination because they tend to be women-dominated and are not as well-off as men.

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