How do I buy ads from an online marketplace?

Advertising companies in Canada are offering advertisers the option to pay for ad space using an online platform.

The platform allows advertisers to create a list of potential ad placements, pay for them and then pay for the placement of their ad to an audience.

It is also possible to purchase the placement, or the placement with a specific audience.

According to Advertisers Ontario, the platform is currently available for both mobile and desktop platforms.

The platform has not been available for the mobile app, though there is a mobile version available for Android.

Users can sign up and purchase ads for free with the Advertiser App, which will then be delivered to their phone.

Advertising companies in Ontario say the platform provides advertisers with a better opportunity to reach their targeted audiences and it is available to all advertisers.

“We believe this platform is a powerful new platform for ad agencies to offer advertisers the flexibility to place and deliver their ads to targeted audiences, while also providing a cost-effective, easy-to-use platform for their clients,” said Kristin Eich, vice president and chief executive officer of Advertisors Ontario.

“Advertisers will be able to focus on what matters most: creating engaging and relevant ads, with a clear understanding of their audiences.”

The platform will be available for all major advertising companies in the province.

“It’s a great first step to bringing online advertising to Canada, where the government has recognized the need for more efficient and effective online advertising,” said Peter Lacey, chief operating officer of ad network ad services company, Admium.

“This platform will allow companies to easily and quickly deploy their online advertising services in Canada.”

According to the Ontario government, online advertising platforms are already widely used by companies, such as banks, financial institutions, and retailers.

In 2016, the province estimated that the average amount spent online by businesses in Ontario was $2.5 million, with the vast majority of those expenditures being for digital advertising.

In 2017, the average online ad spending by businesses was $5.5 billion.

The Ontario government is planning to create the Ontario Online Advertising Platform (OAP) and is partnering with major ad agencies, including Admires, CTV, and Global Media.

“Ontario’s OAP will create a platform for the advertising industry to make advertising available to consumers, while allowing them to focus their ad spending on their business needs,” said Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.

“I am pleased to announce that Ontario will be the first province to open the door to the use of this new digital platform for online advertising.”

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