How the car industry is embracing social media with a new advertising model

Automakers are increasingly embracing social networks to reach consumers and build loyalty with consumers, and it’s a trend that is already showing signs of a return to the past.

According to research firm Research Insights, social media engagement on social networks in the automotive industry has increased by 15% over the past year.

“It’s all about connecting with your peers and helping each other,” said Richard Buell, president of Research Insight.

“We see it as a way to connect with consumers and help them make better decisions.”

The report, which looks at the number of Facebook likes and posts and how they are distributed, showed that social media is an important source of engagement for brands, with more than half of those engaged using social media.

It also found that Facebook has grown to be the second most popular platform for auto marketers after Twitter.

“The rise of social media has allowed automakers to reach the widest customer base on any platform,” said Bueill.

“This trend has seen a rapid growth in brand engagement and marketing campaigns,” he said.

“Social media is now used by nearly two-thirds of auto manufacturers across all models.”

In 2017, the share of Facebook-engaged users in the auto industry was more than double the share for Twitter.

“Facebook is the preferred platform for brands to reach their consumers and get the most out of their brands digital platform,” he added.

In terms of engagement, the report found that the majority of consumers use social media for the purpose of meeting new friends, getting together with friends and getting advice.

However, the majority (72%) of consumers also engage with a brand’s advertising through social media, while only about one in five use it for business purposes (18%).

“While social media provides brands with valuable tools for connecting with consumers through their social networks, brands are increasingly looking to engage with brands through a range of platforms, from their own websites to their own social networks,” said James DeMar, research director at Research Insisit.

“For example, more than 60% of marketers in the US use Facebook and Instagram for marketing, and most brands do so on a weekly or monthly basis.”

Buell said social media can help brands engage with their customers more easily and more quickly, but he noted that it is important to stay away from platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

“The fact is that there is a lot of confusion out there on what social media actually is, especially when it comes to advertising,” he explained.

“If brands want to reach new audiences and grow their brand, they need to understand the benefits and the drawbacks of using these platforms.”

Boeing said that it has been able to tap into the popularity of social platforms to build a stronger brand with customers and achieve greater levels of engagement.

“Our focus is on building a great customer experience and growing our brand with loyal and engaged customers, and we’re seeing an increased interest from our customers in using social channels to engage and connect with them,” said Bob McElroy, general manager of marketing for the US and Canada.

“Using social media to build loyalty, promote a brand and promote the company’s mission is something that we look forward to continuing to do.”

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