Which advertisers should be banned from Israel?

Advertisers should not be allowed to advertise in Israeli newspapers, as they are “not in the best interest of the state” and are not “in line with the laws of Israel.”

The Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday that the advisory group of ad industry leaders has issued the recommendation, which would bar Israeli advertisers from being involved in Israel’s largest newspapers, Algemeiner and Yedioth Ahronoth.

It also suggested that any ad agency that has a conflict of interest between Israel and an Israeli company should be barred from doing business with Israeli companies, citing cases in which the Israeli government has intervened in the ad industry.

The recommendations come after the Jerusalem Post, which had been among the most prominent publications to publish the draft report, had reported on an investigation into an Israeli ad agency.

In December, the Israeli attorney general’s office accused Adelson’s TV company of paying to have its Israeli advertising placed in English newspapers, including the Yedioths.

The investigation also revealed that the ad agency, Adelson Advertising, had secretly used a company called Yediushalom to set up a business partnership with the Israeli company.

The ads in question showed the Israeli flag on a yacht, and were placed in YediOTH Ahronot, an English daily newspaper owned by Adelson.

In a statement, Adelelson said that the company has no control over the ads and that its ads are “aimed at the Jewish people of Israel” and its customers.

“We have been making public statements over the last few months that our ads have been placed by a third party and we are not in any way affiliated with Yediot,” Adelson said.

“This is not an advertisement for us.

It is an advertisement of the Jewish People, an ad for the Jewish state and an advertisement that is clearly aimed at the interests of the people of Yedioshalom and our customers.”

The newspaper said that Adelson and Yevgeny Benski, the chief executive of Adelson Media Group, had been approached by Yedi Sholom, the company that owns the Yodi newspapers, to remove the ads.

In its report, the Jerusalem Review said that it found “no evidence of any Israeli involvement in the matter.”

In the same report, Adelsky noted that a report by the United Nations General Assembly on Israeli human rights abuses in the occupied territories had raised “serious questions about the legality of the Israeli military’s military occupation” and that “the use of military force by the occupying power constitutes a crime against humanity.”

In December 2013, a court in the northern city of Ramallah ruled in favor of an Israeli army court ruling that the Israeli army had used disproportionate force against Palestinians during a protest against plans for a Jewish settlement in the West Bank.

The Israeli government said at the time that it believed the decision had been overturned because the court had not allowed it to present witnesses from the Westbank protest.

In April, a US appeals court in New York upheld the legality and legality of Israel’s military action in the Golan Heights, which includes the occupied Palestinian territory.

The US court of appeals in New Orleans also upheld the Israeli decision to conduct military operations in the region.

Adelsky’s report also highlighted that Adelstein Media Group’s Adelson Entertainment Group and other Israeli companies had “paid hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign advertising companies in order to use their advertising power to influence Israeli policy and opinion.”

The report cited Adelsteins efforts to “engage in propaganda campaigns to influence American politicians, including members of Congress, who were also involved in the American campaign to remove sanctions against Israel.”

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