Why did doctors make the switch? – Medical News today

A doctor who was one of the first to see the link between eating too much sugar and type 2 diabetes has said he did so because he didn’t want to be a “disgusting little bitch”.

Dr Peter Daley told Medical News Online he started drinking a pint of milk a day, twice a day for five days in December 2012, after reading an article about how eating too many sugar-sweetened drinks and sweets could be linked to type 2 diabetics.

Dr Daley, who has diabetes and a liver condition, said he started eating more sugar-containing drinks and cakes in January 2013, but gradually lost weight and started eating normally again by March.

He said the sugar intake helped him lose weight and he could feel more confident about his health.

“It helped me control my blood sugar, so I didn’t have a high blood pressure, so the blood sugar was lower,” Dr Dale said.

“I could feel a little bit better, and my blood pressure was better.

I felt like a better person because I was taking the sugar down.”

He said he didn, however, feel the urge to be “disguised” as a sugar addict.

Dr Peter told the website that when he got home from work, he put his own drinks into the fridge and tried to lose weight, but was disappointed.

“By the time I got home, I had already had a drink for two days,” he said.

Dr JB, who also drinks milk a lot, said his sugar intake increased again and he stopped drinking sweets.

“If you drink sugar-free milk and chocolate, that will get rid of that sugar, and it will make you feel like you’re getting more energy from it,” he told the online publication.

“But if you’re drinking sugary milk and sugary cakes, that’ll make you a little cranky.”

Dr DALE said he had had a similar experience when he first started his diet.

“One of the things that I learnt is that I was a little bitter, and I was kind of a snob about food, I didn’ have the patience to eat it all, so it was a bit of a struggle,” he added.

“The sugar I was eating, it was really difficult to digest, and as soon as you have a drink or something in the fridge, you can’t digest it, so that made it hard to lose that sugar.”

He told the magazine he had been prescribed a cocktail of anti-diabetic drugs and had started taking insulin for a month, but the diabetes continued to get worse.

He has had surgery to repair a torn muscle in his liver, which he has now managed to regain, and is currently undergoing another operation.

He told Medical New Zealand he was concerned about the health impact of the sugar diet and the increase in diabetes, but said it was “the most healthy thing that I’ve done”.

“I was going to take a little time off, but I’ve got a family to feed, I’ve had to take care of myself, so if I get a new diagnosis, I’ll probably take it even harder,” he joked.

“And I’ve been doing my best to stay out of trouble.”

He added: “It was a pretty quick change, so people can’t say that it’s the way to go.”

The New Zealand Herald newspaper has been contacted for comment.

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