Google’s ad platform ‘overwhelmed’ by advertising requests

Google’s AdWords service is now overwhelmed by ad requests from advertisers and publishers, according to a new report.

In the report, AdWeek claims that AdSense, the main service that helps publishers and ad networks build their websites, has seen an average of 5,000 new requests per day since January, with around 3,000 per day coming from advertisers.

“Advertisers are demanding more and more content for their content,” the report says.

“Publishers have to deliver that content to advertisers and the publishers need to do so in a timely manner.”

AdWeek said that while the service’s performance has improved since January it’s still not as good as it used to be.

“The amount of requests has been high, but that’s because of the volume of new requests.”

In some cases, the requests were so large that it’s difficult to tell where the demand ended and the supply started,” it said.”

For publishers, it’s a little easier to see where the supply is at.

But for publishers, the supply has been growing more slowly.

“Publishers aren’t just seeing a rise in new requests, but also more publishers are taking action to try and make up for the gap.”

There are a number of things publishers are doing to help, such as providing analytics, making changes to their ad settings, and making sure their ad code is updated,” AdWeek said.

In response to the report Google has set up a dedicated ad unit to help publishers manage their advertising revenue.

AdWeek says it’s also set up an AdSense team to help with issues publishers face when trying to comply with new legal restrictions.”

As the world of advertising becomes more complex and the demand for content increases, it becomes more challenging for publishers to meet that demand,” the article says.

In a statement to The Register, Google said it was “truly grateful” for the help from publishers.”

We appreciate that publishers are working hard to comply, and have implemented changes that help publishers meet their legal obligations,” the company said.

AdSense is also set to become a “partner” in AdWords, and advertisers will be able to buy ads on the service.”

Google has always worked to give publishers and advertisers access to the full range of AdWords features, including advanced analytics and content management, so advertisers can continue to reach their audiences,” the statement said.

The new AdSense partnership is set to take effect on November 1.

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