How to create a Pinterest marketing plan that works for you

It’s not always easy to sell your content to Pinterest users.

The site’s guidelines for how to make a Pinterest campaign is a bit of a blank canvas, but it’s a great starting point.

Here’s how to get started: How do I know if my content is relevant to Pinterest?

The site asks, “Do you have content relevant to the brand, product, or category that you want to promote?

If so, then you may want to consider Pinterest. 

Is my content good enough to promote to Pinterest?”

You’ll likely want to test your content before you promote it.

The best advice for testing a Pinterest post is to create and share an article about your idea that’s at least 100 words long.

It will help to test the quality of the content you’ve written and will also help you to gauge how well your post fits the brand and category.

Is my content relevant?

It is recommended that you test your post to see if it’s relevant for Pinterest.

The website asks, “Does the content have a unique or relevant tag or link?

If it does, how do you plan to use it to promote your post?”

This is an excellent question to ask yourself to gauge if your post is the right fit for the brand.

If you have a link that’s clearly linked to a website you know well, then it probably isn’t worth promoting.

It can also be worth testing a post that is more obscure, but you’ve already got a pretty good idea of what it’s about.

What should I include in my post?

This question might sound obvious, but there are a couple of key points to consider.

First, what kind of content is this?

Second, should I create an introductory post or a main post?

If you’re promoting a brand-focused post, then an introductory piece of content should be enough to give your visitors a sense of what your brand is about and how it works.

If it’s just a general overview of your product, it’s unlikely that your readers will really be interested in learning more.

But if you’re targeting a broader audience, an introduction piece could be an excellent way to build up your brand.

In the case of a brand that’s focused on an entirely different category or a niche, a main article can be more useful.

If your post doesn’t have enough information to build a brand, then a main piece could provide more than just a basic overview. 

Are there any guidelines for when I can post my content?

If your content is relatively niche, it might be worth sharing a brief video on YouTube or Instagram to get a sense for what your audience will respond to.

If, on the other hand, you’re going to promote a more in-depth piece of marketing content, then the best thing you can do is test it out.

There are some guidelines for what is and isn’t considered a good fit for Pinterest, but the site will also ask for additional information about the type of content you plan on promoting.

What is a Pinterest Marketing Plan?

A Pinterest marketing strategy is a list of ideas for how you plan for your brand to make it on Pinterest, such as: how to use Pinterest as a channel for new content that will be featured more often on the site (i.e., if the product has an organic following, a product video might be better than a link-heavy video). 

what type of posts to make your posts about (i.,e., content that people will be interested to see). 

how to manage the traffic on Pinterest (i,e., it can be useful to include a tool like Pinterest Analytics to help you manage traffic to your content). 

who to target (i.). 

how much content to include in your post (i.) 

how long to post your content (i). 

which topics to promote (i.), and where to place the content. 

how the brand will benefit (i), and which audience segments to target. 

How do I get started?

The best way to get your content on Pinterest is to go to Pinterest and start exploring the site’s content guidelines.

For example, here are a few general guidelines that should help you get started on Pinterest marketing: What is a good way to promote my post to Pinterest for Pinterest users? 

This is the most important question you’ll have to answer, because Pinterest isn’t a one-stop shop for your content.

You’ll need to figure out how to reach your target audience and make sure that the posts you’re making are relevant to that audience.

To start, it may be helpful to do a few of these things: Create a profile that includes a picture of your brand or product. 

Create your own branded account on Pinterest.

Use a Pinterest search engine to find content that fits your brand and niche.

Check your “interests” and “likes” on Pinterest to see what your users are most interested in. 

Choose your keywords that are most popular in your niche

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