How to write a great advertisement

Advertisement Advertisement You may have heard that Google is planning to launch a search ad-based advertising platform.

It’s a new company.

Google is trying to make it easier for advertisers to target their ads on Google’s services.

It’s not the first time Google has rolled out a search advertising platform, but it’s a different one.

It uses search algorithms to make its ads appear in a way that’s different from traditional advertising.

Google is targeting advertisers based on their search history.

The company’s new platform is called Search Ads.

Google has been experimenting with advertising in the online space for a few years.

But it was only in 2017 that it launched a service called AdSense.

That’s the company’s way of letting you pay for ads on the sites you visit.

You pay for the ads, and the company gives you the data on how you were browsing the sites.

AdSense lets advertisers target their own ads.

Advertisers can target their adverts on Google products, like Google Maps and Gmail, or they can use AdSense’s “pay-per-click” model.

Google is also trying to get advertisers to put ads on YouTube, as well as Facebook.

Advertisers are already paying for ads, but they’re getting the same experience as they do now with Google.

They’re getting a personalized ad experience, as opposed to a standard ad-driven experience.

That means Google is targeting the ad buying habits of people who already use its services.

But Google is also targeting the habits of those who use its products or services.

AdWords is the company that Google uses to pay for clicks on its ads.

Google also has a search engine that it uses to find adverts.

As part of Google’s advertising platform Google uses search ads to find ads.

The company’s ads are shown to people who have Google’s search engine profile.

Google can then track who is searching for a particular search and what they’re searching for.

So Google uses a different kind of search algorithm than traditional advertisers.

Search ads are designed to be very specific and specific.

They look at people’s search history, where they’ve visited, how often they’ve searched, and how often their friends have searched.

Google wants advertisers to be able to target ads to people with a particular set of search queries.

Google wants advertisers who already have a lot of search history to have a lower profile.

The Google Search Ads team hopes that people who search for certain terms or specific phrases will then have less of an impact on search results than people who don’t.

The search ads are also targeted to people on mobile devices, where most people have a tablet or smartphone.

They are not targeted to users who have an internet connection or who have mobile data plans.

So Google is aiming to reach people who typically use its online services.

The ads are tailored to their interests, and Google has an algorithm that is based on the things they do on those services.

Google says it wants to make sure the ads are not overly targeted, and that it can identify the people who might be most interested in an ad.

Google also hopes that advertisers will be able target the ads more carefully.

When advertisers pay for an ad on Google, they’re paying for it because they know what they are getting.

Google doesn’t track what people search for.

That means that Google’s ads will not be as relevant as an ad from a traditional company.

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