What you need to know about Lamar advertising agency

You might be familiar with the name Lamar Advertising, but you probably don’t know much about the company. 

Lamar, for those not familiar, is a name used by the ad agency behind some of the best-selling brands on Amazon.com. 

Their advertising agency, which specializes in video and print, has been around since 2004 and employs over 100 people, according to the company.

Lamar is also one of the largest advertising agencies in the country, with over $4.6 billion in annual revenue.

But in recent years, the agency has struggled to find the right fit with brands that may be more popular with millennials. 

According to the Washington Post, the biggest market for Lamar ads is millennial-oriented, millennial-focused products like sneakers, hats, and clothing. 

The agency’s ad campaigns have been criticized by millennial consumers who are increasingly looking for an alternative to brands like Under Armour, Nike, and Adidas. 

In 2017, the Fashion News website reported that Lamar’s millennial ads failed to resonate with a growing number of millennials who are not looking to buy the best of the brand but instead want a more diverse and inclusive selection of products. 

But Lamar has continued to find new and exciting ways to reach the millennial audience and this year, the company has begun to roll out a new strategy. 

“The millennial experience is going to be a brand that Lamars core competencies are very diverse,” CEO and founder Mike Lamar told the Wall Street Journal.

“We are doing a lot of things that are not just about brands.”

Lamar’s new strategy for reaching millennials is to give them access to more product options than they’ve had access to in the past. 

Instead of creating a single product, the brand is offering a number of different products that have a wider range of appeal. 

This has proven to be successful in terms of selling more products to younger consumers. 

During the first quarter of 2018, Lamar saw its millennial ad spending jump by 22 percent, with sales from the brand hitting $1.4 billion. 

At the same time, Lamars millennial ads have not only helped increase revenue for the brand, but they have also helped Lamar earn more than $1 billion in ad revenue in 2018. 

 “I think the key is to create an environment that is welcoming to the millennial consumer,” Lamar said.

“They’re more willing to go for a product that’s a little more affordable.”

The brand’s strategy of creating products for younger consumers has been successful. 

For example, in the third quarter of 2017, Laram saw millennial ad spend reach $1,547 million, up 23 percent from the previous year. 

Additionally, the brand increased their millennial ad revenue by more than 55 percent in the fourth quarter of the year, up $6.2 million. 

These gains are not sustainable for the company and Lamar believes it will need to do more to stay competitive with the bigger companies like Nike and Adidas that have made bigger strides with their millennial consumer campaigns. 

However, it’s important to note that Lara is not a big advertiser and the company is only trying to get to the point where it can afford to continue to grow its millennial product offerings. 

When asked what Lamar plans to do with its millennial marketing dollars in the future, CEO Mike Lamr said, “I don’t have a lot to share.”

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