What’s happening to Google? | The Verge

Google is trying to fight a very public firestorm with the announcement that it’s rebranding its advertising business in a way that will allow it to expand its user base to more diverse demographics, including women and non-white people.

While Google is still largely a white, male, male-dominated business, the company has also announced a series of initiatives aimed at diversifying its userbase, such as an advertising business with non-profit partners.

Google’s new logo is a bit of a departure from the current Google logo that has traditionally featured the company’s “We” in white.

However, the logo’s colors match the color palette of Google’s products, including its Chrome browser, which is a light gray.

The logo also changes the color of the new Google Plus account, where users can sign up and post content.

Google is not changing the look of the search results page, which features the company in a light grey.

While it might not be immediately obvious, Google is no longer using the word “Google” in its brand name.

Instead, the brand is called “GOOGLE.”

The new logo has a slightly different color scheme.

Google may also be shifting the company name from “Google Inc.” to “Google,” which was announced in November 2015.

Google says the new logo will be available to users of the Google+ mobile app beginning in early 2019.

In an announcement Tuesday, Google announced the logo change.

The new look is meant to better align with the company and its business.

“We believe the company is changing to reflect our mission, which involves building better products for people and creating better experiences for them, so we’re rebrandming to reflect this change,” Google said in a statement.

The company also said it would be “making changes to existing and future product designs to better reflect the company.”

Google also said that the new design will be the first time that Google’s corporate brand, “Google, Inc.,” will appear on a homepage, and it will not include any references to the company itself.

The Google+ logo is currently shown in a dark gray, which Google says will be “a more neutral gray” that will be more consistent with the colors of the company products.

The brand change is not the only change in the company logo.

The search giant is also working on a redesign of its “go” logo.

“The go logo will evolve over time as we continue to develop new ways to make search better for people,” Google wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

“Our goal is to change the way people find us, to make Google more accessible, more useful and more trustworthy.”

Google is currently working on redesigning its logo in order to reflect the changes in its user experience and customer experience.

It is expected to complete the redesign before the end of the year.

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