Why Google Ads Is Going Away, And Why The Advertising Industry Will Need It

The advertising industry is about to become a lot more interesting.

Google is going to be the dominant ad-supported platform on the Internet.

In the past, the biggest competitors to Google ads were Facebook and Twitter, both of which are now gone.

Now, it’s going to take the best advertising technology, like the one from Google, to dominate the ad market. 

According to the New York Times, the change is coming because of “a new and increasingly complex digital advertising landscape.” 

Google is going from being the dominant advertising platform on Earth to being the only platform that’s truly “digital,” which is why it has a huge market cap and the resources to make this change happen. 

“Advertising has been the glue that holds many websites together, so to have it go is a real shock,” says Brian Bock, who oversees Google’s digital strategy. 

The New York Post reported that Google has been trying to work with companies like Apple and Facebook to integrate Google’s ad technology with its own, but they’ve been “bickering over who owns what technology.” 

The tech companies, however, are not the only ones who are taking a hard look at their own advertising technology. 

Advertisers have been asking for years for Google to make their ads more relevant. 

In December, Google said it would be using more natural language processing to make ads more useful to users. 

This month, the tech giant also announced a new advertising network called AdSense that allows advertisers to pay for content based on the time spent on a particular ad. 

With this new technology, advertisers will be able to pay advertisers based on how much time people spent on an ad, and advertisers will also be able buy ad space that is more relevant to the user’s needs. 

If all this sounds like a lot of new technology for advertisers, you’re not alone.

The advertising sector is expected to spend an estimated $7.6 billion in the next year to $8.3 billion by 2021, according to a recent report from research firm Kantar Worldpanel.

That’s a lot, but it’s not the most significant change that Google will make. 

Last year, the ad industry spent $8 billion on digital marketing, and that was only a portion of Google’s total revenue. 

Google has said that Google AdSense will be used to deliver “more relevant ads,” which would make sense, given that the company also sells ads through Google’s AdSense service. 

So, how is Google doing it? 

According a report by The Wall Street Journal, Google will have its own advertising system, called Google AdWords, which is expected give advertisers more control over their ad campaigns. 

These ads will be created by Google’s search engines, so Google will be the one with the power to control how and when people see their ads. 

While the Google Adwords service will only be used by Google users, the company says it will also offer its own ad-related platforms for other ad companies, including Facebook and Yahoo, which will have similar capabilities. 

There will be some other changes too. 

New advertisers will have to pay a premium to advertise on Google.

Google will start charging for certain types of ads, including sponsored posts and in-app purchases, which Google is currently using to promote its own apps. 

For example, advertisers can now only pay for in-apps purchases with ad dollars.

Google also plans to make advertisers pay for a portion or all of the cost of their ad to run on Google, even if it is not directly being used to promote a product. 

Another big change is that Google is also going to allow advertisers to run ads that they create themselves. 

Instead of relying on third parties to create ads, advertisers are going to have to build their own ad platforms. 

An example of this would be when an advertiser makes a purchase with an in-game currency, like a virtual gold coin. 

As a result, the advertising industry will be left with a lot less control over how its ads are displayed. 

Companies like Apple, Facebook, and Twitter have already made this change, so they’ll have more control. 

However, it still sounds like Google will need to be very careful about how it does this. 

Earlier this year, Google was criticized for being too restrictive in how it can monetize its advertising platform. 

But Google’s new ad platform will be a lot easier for the company to manage. 

It’s already been proven that the ads it is using are more relevant, which means advertisers will want to pay more for these ads.

The biggest issue with this new system will be whether it will be as successful as Google hoped. 

What do you think of Google AdEx?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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