Why Google is losing its grip on the ad market

The ad market has been hit by the rise of digital ad services, and the internet giant is starting to look like a relic of a bygone era.

The company is now the most popular platform in the world for people to buy ads.

But its biggest competitor in the market, Facebook, has been overtaken by the social network, according to a report from the ad agency agency Burberry.

Burberry found that Google dominates in the online ad space, as well as online and mobile, while Facebook has only a slight edge in terms of mobile app adoption.

Burffry, which recently signed a deal with Google for $100 million to expand its digital ad business, found that while Google is the dominant player in the internet ad market, it’s only one.

The agency is now working on a report about how the world’s biggest tech company has lost its grip.

It’s also looking at how to fix the problem.

The most recent report, released by Burberry in March, found Google is a “faster-growing, more profitable, more popular, and more pervasive player” in the ad space.

But it’s not clear how well it’s doing.

Burbrys report looked at the company’s revenue growth rate for its online advertising products, including Google AdWords, and its mobile apps.

For Google, it found that it grew its revenue by 14% in 2017 compared to the year before.

Burbry also found that in the US, Google AdSense, which is a subscription service for companies to offer ads to their users, saw its revenue grow by 4.4% in 2018, while it grew by just 1.2% in the UK.

For Burberry, the biggest drivers of growth in the social networking site were “users signing up for Google’s mobile app, which saw revenue increase by 4% and users using Google’s search engine, which grew by 3%.”

It’s not known how many of the new users signed up for the Google app were users of the Facebook app.

Google’s success is no surprise, but Burberry notes that “this growth rate is still far lower than other platforms like Facebook.”

“Google’s dominance is due to its huge market share and huge user base.

It is also driven by its dominance of mobile advertising, which gives it a significant advantage over competitors in this space,” Burberry’s report says.

Burnt by Google and Facebook’s dominance, Burberry is also worried about how many people are buying Google’s products.

According to Burberry estimates, Facebook saw its online ad market share drop from about 28% in 2016 to 14% last year.

The rise of Facebook, in turn, meant more people signed up to its mobile app.

Facebook also had a big impact on how the social media company was able to gain a foothold in the digital ad space: the social site launched a new mobile advertising product in October of last year called AdMob.

Facebook AdMob is a mobile app that allows advertisers to target their ads to users in Facebook.

It currently has about 12 million users in the United States, according the Burberry report.

Google AdMob, meanwhile, had only about 6 million users at the time Burberry first released its report.

This year, Google has more than doubled its user base, to almost 12 million.

Google is now also the second most popular digital ad platform, with more than 20 million users.

But Burberry noted that its success rate for the social messaging app is “significantly lower” than that of its rival Facebook, which has a more extensive network of advertisers.

Burbury’s report also found Google AdTools, the company that built Google’s AdWords program, had a strong growth rate in the past year.

But the agency said Google has a “lack of experience and trust in digital ad sales, and this leads to a higher cost per user.”

Burberry says it’s been able to track Google’s progress in the last year and is now studying what needs to be done to get Google to a more sustainable position.

In the meantime, it said it’s working on improving its software to help the company meet the needs of its users and grow the market for its products.

Burbery’s report found that “Google has been successful in both delivering its services on the web and in mobile apps and in developing mobile advertising platforms.

In both cases, it has managed to keep its costs lower than competitors.”

The report comes as Google is facing criticism for its handling of privacy issues and its reliance on ad platforms that have not been subjected to independent scrutiny.

Google has faced backlash for its use of ad networks to sell products like Google Maps, Google Glass and its Chrome browser.

Google and Apple have both faced privacy investigations and lawsuits over their use of these ad networks.

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