How to use AdWords in Google AdWords

Advertising companies like Lintas and AdvertisingLabs have been quietly adding ads to their campaigns for the last few months, and we’re not alone in noticing the new trend.

According to AdWords reports, the AdWords advertising business has seen a 25% increase in ad volume in 2017, and Lintaws AdWords ad volume has been rising for the past few months.

Lintawas AdWords revenue has increased by 20% since January, and AdLabs has seen an even larger increase, by a whopping 70%.

This year, Lintavas Adwords revenue is $17.5M and AdLabes is $7.9M. 

Advertisers have noticed, and are adding new ads to each ad page they use to advertise. 

It’s important to note that there are still limitations to how much ad space an ad page can display, as advertisers can still only include up to 100 characters of text and the first 60 characters of an ad.

For the most part, advertisers can limit the size of their ad banners by restricting the maximum size of the banner.

For example, if an ad is over 200 characters, it will be removed from the banner and replaced with a smaller banner, as shown in the image below. 

For example, Google will allow an ad to display on a page if the maximum width of the ad banner is 50% of the total width of a page.

However, an advertiser must still use the banner to fill out the ad. 

A banner with an empty space in it will show up on the page without an ad, as you can see in the following example: Lintaws ad is up on AdWords, and it’s currently showing at $2,922,000. 

As you can tell from the image above, the empty space was added to the banner in order to make it look more professional and functional.

Lints AdWords banner is showing at the time of writing, and you can click the banner above to see how many ad impressions it’s receiving. 

Lints Adwords banner is up at the moment. 

The other thing that is notable about Lintaas AdSolutions banner is that the banner is not visible in the browser tab. 

So far, the banners that have been added to AdSoles banner are: AdSoles AdWords Banner Ads Linsaw Ads Linoas Ads AdLabs Linalgo Ads. 

You can see the AdSols AdWords banners at the bottom of the page, and click on the banner below to see the banner for Lintals AdSole. 

Google is also adding new ad placements for Google AdSense. 

While Google has not released the exact number of new ad slots that will be available to advertisers, there are reports that Google is working on adding up to 10,000 new spots per month for AdSense advertisers. 

We’ve reached out to Google for comment and will update this post with any response we receive. 

If you’re looking for a good ad targeting tool to get your brand noticed, you can check out the AdSense ad placement tool on Google Adwords. 

How to create a Google Ads AdSale campaign?

If you want to create an AdSales ad campaign, here’s how you go about it: 1.

Create a Google AdSeal account. 

Open the Google Ads Ads Manager and create an account.


Create an ad campaign. 

In AdServes AdSealing, click the Create Ad Sale button.


Choose your ad campaign type: Your AdSeed campaign is created by selecting a single campaign type, and selecting the appropriate budget for the campaign.

You can choose the size and theme of your campaign, as well as the type of revenue stream to generate your ad revenue from. 


Create your ad campaigns. 

Click the Add New Campaign button. 

When you do, click Next to continue the process. 

Once the ad campaign is complete, click Close to close the Ad Sales tab.

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