What’s in a name? 7 things to know about the name of Karachi

In the years to come, the Karachi name will be officially changed to Karachi City after the local administration approved a name change.

This marks the third time in six years that the city has been given a name.

Karachi is an Arabic term meaning ‘city of the mountains’ and the name is a popular way of describing the city, which is surrounded by the mountains of Pakistan.

It was named after the region’s founder, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who founded the country in 1947.

The city is located in Sindh province in Pakistan’s northwest and is one of the richest in the country, with its main commercial centre being the commercial hub of the port city of Karachi.

It is also home to many foreign embassies.

The name was originally used for a small group of Islamic sects in the 19th century.

“We are in the process of changing the name as a symbol of our unity and the unity of the people,” said Mian Khan, the head of the Karachchi District Council.

“In our society, we have always been divided by ethnicity and religion.

Our name is not an expression of that.

Our people are united in their love of the land and their desire to protect it.

This is our name,” he added.

In the 1990s, the city became one of India’s top tourism destinations after a string of international events including the Olympics and the Winter Olympics.

The government has been trying to increase tourism to the city as it has seen an increase in international arrivals.

The region is a major financial hub for Pakistan and is also one of its major trading partners.

It hosts over 100,000 foreign tourists annually and has a significant domestic market worth $10 billion.

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