Adstar: ‘Shads’ is the ‘new ad’ for the digital era

Adstar is one of the biggest advertisers in New Zealand, selling ads online for up to 50 cents per click.

The company said its ad technology will help advertisers connect with audiences on a number of platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Adstar has been growing its ad sales by 25 per cent to $11.5 million over the past year, with more than two million people having signed up to the platform.

Its Adstar advertising business is a mix of traditional advertising, digital marketing and social media.

It has signed up more than 3,200 advertisers to the digital business, including the likes of Nike, Toyota, Ford and General Electric.

It also has deals with the likes, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Amazon.

The platform is a huge revenue opportunity for Adstar, which said the company has already been working with more people on social media than ever before.

It said it was excited about the opportunities the platform will offer advertisers and said it will continue to grow its ad network.

The advertising company said it would continue to work with ad networks to promote the platform, and said in the future it hoped to expand its advertising services to a wider audience.

The news comes as the New Zealand government prepares to introduce new laws to tackle the digital advertising boom.

It says the new laws will require internet providers to provide greater transparency about their online advertising practices, and will require businesses to give their customers greater control over their data.

But privacy campaigners say they want more clarity about how online advertising data is used.

The law, which has not yet been announced, will also require online companies to disclose any financial data they hold about users, and to allow users to opt out of certain advertising.

Adverts for some of the world’s biggest brands and governments will also be blocked from appearing on the platform by the law.

The government said it wanted to tackle a lack of transparency around advertising, but privacy advocates are concerned that this will also allow companies to track people, track their locations and monitor their internet usage.

“It’s a great opportunity for companies that want to make money off advertising to go ahead and start making money off your privacy,” privacy campaigner Sue Carter said.

The legislation is the first of its kind in New York, where the advertising industry is also being targeted.

The Advertising Standards Authority said in a statement that it had been contacted by Adstar for comment and would look into the matter.

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