What Is the Biggest Blockchain Company in Ontario?

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where Ontarians are going to be spending the money in 2020, but it’s likely that the biggest name on the blockchain list is advertising company Metropolis Advertising.

The company, which is based in Toronto, was the first to be awarded a $1.8 million Ontario Technology Challenge grant last year and it’s looking to build a blockchain-based advertising solution for consumers in Toronto.

It’s been building out the Metropolis Blockchain solution since the fall of 2018, and is expected to debut its technology for the first time in 2020.

Metropolis will use blockchain technology to help its customers manage their advertising revenue and other digital assets, said Metropolis VP of marketing and marketing strategy Scott Breslau.

“As advertisers, we want to make sure that we can understand how this is being used in our campaigns and the revenue that comes from it, and we can get the most value out of that.”

The Metropolis blockchain solution can also help advertisers make money from content creators who don’t want to pay for their ads on the Metros’ platform, Breskau said.

“Our system enables advertisers to pay with their own tokens, which are essentially smart contracts that are built into the blockchain.”

Metropolis has been working with several blockchain companies to build out the technology for advertising companies, said Bresler.

For instance, Metropolis partnered with Chain on the Advertiser Token Platform to develop a platform that enables advertisers and publishers to easily exchange tokens, Bioski said.

Another blockchain company, Adiocracy, has also been working on blockchain-powered ad-buying services for publishers and publishers themselves, Binski said, adding that the two companies have already started to build their advertising solutions.

Metros hopes that by offering blockchain-enabled ad-selling, it will attract more advertisers to Metropolis’ platform.

“If we can start to sell ad space to advertisers, they’ll come to Metros,” Bresllau said, explaining that Metros has already received about $2 million in ad sales.

“And it will be even better when the ads start to appear on Metros.”

Metros is one of the few companies in the world to have successfully built a blockchain ad-sales platform, said Adiocracy co-founder and CEO Mark Stinson.

He noted that Metropolis had built its own platform and Metros will likely adopt that as well.

“We were able to build the platform and we’re now building a second platform, and that’s just as valuable,” Stinson said.

The Metros blockchain-backed system will allow advertisers to easily buy ad space on Metro, and it can help publishers monetize their content through Metros ad-bidding platform, Stinson added.

“That way, we can sell to the publisher and then the publisher can sell it back to the advertiser.

Metro will be partnering with blockchain companies like Coinsecure, Blockstream, and Adiocrat to build its advertising platform, as well as other blockchain-related companies like Bitpay, Blockchain, and Coinbase. “

For publishers, it can also provide a platform for advertisers to monetize all their content.”

Metro will be partnering with blockchain companies like Coinsecure, Blockstream, and Adiocrat to build its advertising platform, as well as other blockchain-related companies like Bitpay, Blockchain, and Coinbase.

It plans to have a more extensive portfolio of blockchain-friendly ad-tech solutions in the future, according to Bresillaus.

“The blockchain technology is really going to play a bigger role in the industry in the next year or two,” he said.

Breslavs said Metros could be investing more in blockchain-focused startups in the near future.

“They have a huge pool of money in their coffers.

If you look at the numbers, there’s only so much you can invest into that.

If they invest in something, it’s going to have the potential to make a big difference.”

The Ontario Technology Fund is a program funded by the Ontario Government and supported by the Government of Ontario.

It provides financial support for companies that are developing new and innovative technology.

For more information, visit ontario.gov.on.ca/technologyfund.

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