About us

Unicume is

Fresh and happy mobile ad network started as a hub between international and Russian markets. Soon evolved to a mobile advertising agency working on wide-open and fair-play basis.

We are all aware that the expansion of mobile market is huge throughout the world and constantly reshaping how we interact in our everyday lives. As the direct answer to this, Unicume CPA Network has developed the best strategies to help you get the best ROI for your offers and traffic sources.

Unicume Team

We are a team of highly qualified experts on web and mobile leads generation whose experience counts several years of expertize in digital advertising and IT, remaining essentially growing. We hire only top specialists who share our ideas of openness, intellect and strive for competitive work.

Our key members are

  • Dmitry Semenov, CEO

    Dmitry Semenov

    Great in developing new contracts with key advertisers and affiliates

    Best in:

    • New opportunities,
    • Expanding markets,
    • Thinking globally.
  • Igor Kuznetsov, CIO/COO

    Igor Kuznetsov

    Professional in IT and analytics ready to provide help in any systems integration

    Best in:

    • Designing new products,
    • Analytics and marketing,
    • Projects management and consulting.
  • Ana Vidovic, Digital Marketing Expert

    Ana Vidovic

    Expert in digital ads ready to improve your campaigns and find new possibilities

    Best in:

    • Ad campaigns strategies,
    • Improving co-operation,
    • Problem solving and help.

We truly believe that mobile advertising markets must be:

  • Fraud-free and fair-play
  • Open and borderless
  • Intellectual and professional

    Join us if you share our mission: