Bowen relishes big day of career after guiding Hammers to victory

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Jarrod Bowen, West Ham’s offensive line, receives so much joy that he cannot speak. Who hit the winning goal in the last minute, leading the agency to slash Fiorentina to win the Conference League, pointing to the greatest day in football ever.

West Ham United hero Jarrod Bowen admits he is extremely happy And it was the greatest day of my career. After scoring the winning goal for the Hammers, they beat Fiorentina 2-1 in the final of the 2022-2023 UEFA Europa Conference League at the Fortuna Arena in the city. Prague, Czech Republic On Wednesday, June 7, the past. First championship in 43 years

Bowen relishes big day of career after guiding Hammers to victory

The last Hammer Lift Trophy was the 1979–1980 FA Cup, but if counting only European football The only time they ever won was the 1964–1965 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup , or more than 58 years ago, so they were very determined to make a hand in this match, although the first half had more chances for their Italian rivals. But still no door happened. Until the second half, Said Benrahma scored a penalty for the Hammers to take the lead in the 62nd minute from Cristiano Bieraki ‘s handball.

However, just 5 minutes later, Purple Mahakan came to get an equalizer goal from Giacomo Bonaventura, the game pretending to have to go on for another 30 minutes, but in the 90th minute, Bowen came as a hero and slipped into the winning goal. Let West Ham win a historic victory for himself and the club. After the ufabet game, he was able to give an interview with joy after winning the first championship.

“I dream of scoring goals. But scoring the winner in the last minute in front of these fans made me immensely happy,” said the 26-year-old. “I can’t put it into words. We had a dream. The best is included. But will do what we can tonight for the fans who come to cheer. To give them this good time I’ve never had this feeling before in my career. I said earlier that This is the biggest day of my career. I am very happy that we can bring the title to everyone.”

Declan Rice, captain of the team at the London Stadium, believes it is a step up to the next level for the club. because he has never led the team to win the championship It’s unbelievable. six years ago He plays for this club with his heart. which is not easy at all But now he’s the one who lifts the trophy for the club. It was a night that he enjoyed immensely and will never be forgotten.