Coach ‘Salika Dong’ doesn’t care about the schedule, reiterates the focus on just training before the match.

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Newcastle United head coach Eddie Howe has been struggling with his impressive performances to rank third in the league at this time. believes that preparing for training is more important than accepting Leicester’s next opponent It is still a difficult task for Salika Dong after returning to good form.

Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe has revealed that he is not paying much attention to the Premier League table. Even at this time, leading the team to do a great job, ranks third with 30 points behind Manchester City , only two points behind the crowd and 7 points behind the leading team like Arsenal, but with more competition. Both teams are in 1 game, only concentrating on training in order to perform well in the next game.

Coach 'Salika Dong' doesn't care about the schedule, reiterates the focus on just training before the match.

Before taking a break for the national team to go to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Salikadong had beaten their opponents in the league for 5 straight games, plus 10 games without another defeat, resulting in 15 games, 8 wins, 6 draws and losses. Only 1 game, which after the UFABET World Cup has ended , they are preparing to return to fight with a visit to Leicester City on Monday, December 26.

Mr. Magpies by coming out for an interview first Refusing to look back on past performance, stating: “I’ve never looked at the league table once, in fact, I’ve never looked at it. That doesn’t mean I don’t know where we are. But for me, the focus is always on the next training session. to make sure We will make sure players are best prepared for the next game. and let other matters pass.”

A trip to the King Power Stadium on Monday will test Newcastle United’s unbeaten record of 12 games in a row in all competitions, because this time the Foxes are back to performing well. after starting the new season with poor results But lately, the team has come back to recover, winning 6 matches from 7 matches in all competitions.

 “They are a top team with a top manager. And that has never changed in my opinion. Although they had a difficult start to the season. The quality of Brendan Rodgers’ performance has always been evident in his team. and if you look at their players Nothing has changed much from the great teams of previous years, so we have a lot of respect for them,” the 45-year-old added.