Conte not happy Chicken won’t use World Cup final player to visit Bees

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Spurs boss Antonio Conte Blame the Premier League program that resumed early. Although the World Cup just ended a week ago. Causing the players to rest in the final game against Brentford because the body is not yet ready

Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has expressed his frustration at his side’s lack of players in the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar due to the Premier League. England returned to play too soon. while the physical condition of the players is not ready In the UFABET game that will attack Brentford on Boxing Day on Monday.

Conte not happy Chicken won't use World Cup final player to visit Bees

France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris and Argentina defender Christian Romero play in the final. World Cup Arabian Edition On Sunday, December 18, the past resulted in the macaroni trainer. will let Mr. Dan Perfume start on the substitute bench first As for the defense of the latest world champions, they will definitely not be able to enter the field of matches against  the Bees .

“It’s a strange situation and to be honest, what would play out so quickly? Just a week after the World Cup I’m not happy at all, ” Golden Spurs coach said,” on the one hand, you’re happy because for a club with 12 players in the World Cup that means We are on the right track to try to compete. and try to win championships in the future But when you have a lot of players playing tournaments like this. especially during the opening season It’s not easy. Because their physical condition is not at its peak.”

In this game, Uruguayan midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur Will miss playing as well due to penalty and also had a slight soreness in the thigh muscles This is the same symptom that makes Brazil national team striker Richarlison had to stay in hospital for one month After the injury in Qatar, Lucas Moura ‘s problem with a tendon injury is still not fully healed.

For Tottenham Hotspur, played 15 matches, won 9, drew 2, lost 4, had 29 points, ranked 4th, which is the last quota to play in the UEFA Champions League next season, taking 5th place. Manchester United are three points clear but played one game more, so they will need to beat the Bees in Monday’s first match to score more points.