Daughter ‘Pele’ posted family celebrating Christmas at the hospital.

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Pele’s daughter, Kelly Nascimento, posted a family photo celebrating Christmas at the hospital. Ready to give encouragement to fathers who have to face a hard battle with cancer. Including all messages that send good wishes.

Pele ‘s daughter , Kelly Nascimento , posted messages and pictures on social media. to see family members get together Spent Christmas morning on Sunday December 25th. The Brazilian national team legend at a Sao Paulo hospital. Where he is battling a serious cancer. As well as kidney and heart problems Ready to thank all messages sent to encourage

Daughter 'Pele' posted family celebrating Christmas at the hospital.

The 82-year-old former footballer of coffee has undergone surgery to remove a colon tumor. In September 2021, since then there has been continuous hospitalization. Before the latest, he returned to the hospital again. On Tuesday, November. Because his medical team wanted a re-evaluation of his chemotherapy treatment. 

last wednesday The hospital announced that Colon cancer of the owner of the nickname. Black Pearl” is having progressive symptoms . and he wants Greater Care to Treat Kidney and Heart Failure by before His daughter announced that she would not be home over Christmas. Until recently, the movement has been updated. with the reunion of family members who came together to see Pele ‘s illness together, including Marcia Aoki, his wife

“Almost all of us Merry Christmas Gratitude, love, unity, family, this is the UFABET prime time of Christmas. We would like to thank everyone for the love and encouragement you send us,” Kaye Nascimento posted on Instagram.

Pele ‘s son Edinho  was recently appointed coach of Brazilian Serie B club Londrina. Based in the northern city of Parana, arrived at the medical center on Christmas E. f where he came to visit his father with his sisters  Kelly and Flavia Nascimento