Formula 3: Trap 12 numbers

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This formula is used for placing bets that already have a half-win ratio, such as even-odd, high-low, black-red, etc. The method of placing bets is not complicated. for example I bet on 12 of the 18 red channels available. (It is a favorite bet) then place a bet on black-red by choosing to place. A bet on the black side with a bet equal to the total bet on all 12 red boxes. Suppose I place red on 10 per channel, I will use the capital for the side. Red 120 baht, black side 120 baht, total 240 baht in this turn.

Then came to sit and win prizes. If it comes out the red box that we bet on, it will receive 360 ​​baht according to the odds. After deducting the capital, there is a profit of 120 baht. But if it turns black, we will get 120 baht, after deducting the capital, there will be no baht left. But if it goes to other numbers that are red and we don’t bet as well This is an immediate loss of 240 baht.

For solving the game, it’s the UFABET same, increasing the bet to 2 times. If it comes out red as we bet, then the lost money will be returned with profit.

Formula 3: Trap 12 numbers

From the 3 roulette formulas that are quoted today, as soon as the target profit is achieved, it is recommended that you quickly stop playing. because even if we have a chance to win how much But if in the long run, we will pay back to Online casinos are good. Remember, it’s the best.