Grading Chelsea’s players in the FA Cup match, the Blues beat Leeds United 3-2: Player Ratings

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Grading Chelsea’s players in the FA Cup match, the Blues beat Leeds United 3-2: Player Ratings

• Bouncing back from defeat in the Carabao Cup final
• Despite facing a tough challenge from Leeds, Chelsea are still good enough to win. And still on the path to winning the FA Cup
• And this is the ability score of Chelsea’s players for this game.

It’s not a game that can be trusted. Especially when Chelsea had to be heartbroken after losing the Carabao Cup final recently, but it was considered that today’s attack was a lock, with goals from Nicholas Jackson, Mikailo Mudrik and Co. Nir Gallagher (who came on as a substitute to score in the last minute) until winning over Leeds United 3-2, advancing to the final 8 of the ทางเข้า ufabet FA Cup.

Chelsea player ratings

Robert Sanchez – 6 – Fit and back on the field after a long absence since the end of last year. And conceded the first goal quickly from the look of Mateo Joseph, who slipped in and slashed softly, which Sanchez couldn’t blame much. Including Joseph’s second goal, which was an outstanding header.

Alfie Gilchrist – 6 – Dropped at left-back. The position is not very suitable. And there were enough problems with having to face a tough guy like Daniel James until the second half was taken off for a break.

Axel D’Sasi – 5 – made a mistake in his position and quickly conceded his first goal in just the 8th minute, as well as in the second half where he was out of control until Mateo Joseph, the same man, broke through and headed in wide open. It’s good that today the offensive game can cover up the defensive problems.

Trevoh Chalobah – 5 – in his first start of the season And got to play the full 90 minutes. It was clear that at the beginning of the game he still didn’t get along with Disasi until he was quickly penetrated. And then there was a shake. Open enough space for the visiting team.

Malo Gusto – 6 – must play continuously without rest when Reece James is not close to covering the field. And today the French back had a pretty good chance to add to the game. But the problem is that the defensive game doesn’t work well. Dae didn’t stay until conceding 2 goals.

Moises Caicedo – 7 – Settled in the middle of defense as usual. But he also participates in the offensive game in some moments. In this match there was 1 assist for Nicholas Jackson to score the equalizing goal.

Enzo Fernandez – 7 – Appointed captain. and play hungrily Do your duties strictly. Until he made an important assist for Conor Gallagher to score the final winning goal.

Raheem Sterling – 7 – Deployed again on the left wing. But there are some shifts to the right. His move to the right brought an assist from the backline for Mikailo Mudrik to score 2-1. The finish on his own today looked somewhat lost.

Mikailo Mudrik – 8 – A big test as a central attacking midfielder. And did a good job finding opportunities. Snatched up and shot and made a save in the first twenty minutes. before opening the score for himself excellently Sterling’s flick and pass changed the way to the goal. It was an important goal for the team to turn 2-1 ahead before the end of the first half.

Noni Madueke – 6 – with his preferred right wing position. The first half was relatively quiet. Even though there are quite a few opportunities to play with your children, But it doesn’t do as much harm as it should. In the end it was removed according to regulations.

Nicholas Jackson – 8 – Did better than expected with his first finish. Who cut through the legs of the Leeds goalkeeper sharply, equalizing for Chelsea to get back into the game quickly. And throughout the game it is considered useful. Can coordinate with friends and dangerous when getting the ball


Conor Gallagher (replacing Noni Madueke, 61) – 8 – Last-minute winning goal hero Was sent to fill the game in the remaining half hour of the game. and do the work in a way that meets the requirements This was his 4th goal in the last 5 games.

Ben Chilwell (in place of Malo Gusto, 61) – 6 – went down to take care of the left side of the defense in the last half hour of the game. And it helps not to concede more goals. Equal to reaching the goal

Levi Colville (replacing Alfie Gilchrist, 74) – 6 – went on to provide additional defensive support in the final 15 minutes, but made no mistakes.

Cole Palmer (in place of Raheem Sterling 74) – 6 – was dropped from reserve to get some rest after having to start continuously in every program and playing 15 minutes at the end of this game. There isn’t much to talk about.

Shimi Tauriinen (replacing Mikailo Mudrik, 90+3) N/A, only wasting time at the end. Before the ball had even been hit the game was over.