Klopp denies signing players aiming for the Champions League if Liverpool top four

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp Refuse to sign players who will only aim for Champions League football. If the Reds are unable to finish in the top four and play in Europe’s top competition.

 Jürgen Klopp doesn’t think Champions League involvement is the only thing their target players should be thinking about. But a top-four finish will come in handy in the pursuit of star Jude Bellingham. So the stakes are high when Liverpool resume league action against Aston Villa on Boxing Day. The Reds picked up just two points from what they should have been at nine at the start of the season.

And even if the form improves. But they are still sixth, seven points off the UFABET Champions League spot. Facing a Villa side without world-champion goalkeeper Amy Martinez could be a bonus. But that was offset by injuries to Luis Diaz, Diogo Jota and Roberto Firmino. 

Klopp denies signing players aiming for the Champions League if Liverpool top four

          “The top four is our main target,” admitted Klopp. 15 points behind leaders Arsenal, you can’t ask if we are champions or not. Through (Champions League) and as long as this is the case I see us as the right opponent. I want to be in the Champions League all the time and 100 per cent we are one of the contenders for the next couple of years.  League this year, but probably not next year, to be honest I’m not sure I’ll need them.

          It’s difficult for great players to pick a club knowing they’re not in the Champions League – Paul Pogba was an exception when he signed for Manchester United in 2016. Often Eden Hazard for example is like Bellingham. being chased by Europe’s biggest clubs and only choosing Chelsea. When he knew they had qualified for Europe’s biggest competition.

     Klopp couldn’t have been more clear in his admiration for Bellingham at his final press conference before heading to Villa Park when he described the Borussia Dortmund players. The 19-year-old has been described as ‘brilliant’ by the 19-year-old and he remains confident that his current squad can replicate their fine record of 12 months ago by starting 2022 unbeaten 15. games until March

          “The signals I received at the training camp in Dubai during the World Cup were very good,” said the Liverpool manager . Thursday Even if we lose 3-2 if all signs are positive. I see no reason not to be like that. It’s completely different from our pre-season in the summer. I saw in the friendly games we played that we were going in the right direction, against AC Milan it was very good in every way.

          Aside from the injury up front, James Milner is unlikely to play in the game after suffering a hamstring injury at the Etihad Stadium . World Cup champions will return to training on Tuesday 27 December 2022. It never was and never will be,” said Klopp, who is looking to add reinforcements in the January transfer window. “Last season we had Luis Diaz coming in, which was very useful for that part of the season. To do something very positive again, why not?”