Liverpool fans feared after the player disappeared from Christmas Eve group photos

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The timeline left fans of the Reds in a panic. After one of the team’s key players disappeared for a group photo with Liverpool on Christmas Eve before they went onto the pitch on Boxing Day.

 Summer signing Darwin Nunez was not present in a group photo of Liverpool ‘s squad on Christmas Eve. As they prepare to face Aston Villa on Boxing Day. The Uruguayan striker’s absence has caused much speculation amongst Ale fans. AM field Some feared he could be injured in the UFABET League Cup defeat to Manchester City .

Liverpool fans feared after the player disappeared from Christmas Eve group photos

           However, he is not the only one missing, with Roberto Firmino also out of frame with the team. As well as injured players such as Luis Diaz and Arthur Mae Lo and Diogo Jota. The photos were taken as part of the festive greetings to the team’s supporters as they traveled to the training ground on Christmas Eve. Nunez’s absence was quickly received by fans. On social media from other injured players. He also disappeared raising fears that he would be so injured that he would not be able to attend full training with the rest of his teammates.

 The striker is active on social media. media and posted a picture of himself in the car with the caption “What a lovely day in Liverpool,” the photo was uploaded to Twitter at approximately 10:30am, prompting questions as to why he was not at the Reds’ training ground at the time. Any injuries However, it will only cause more misery for Nunez. Uruguay national team star which has been going through difficult times for the past few weeks

           The 23-year-old failed to make a significant impact on his national team during the World Cup in Qatar before a disappointing performance against Manchester City when On Thursday night, December 2022. When defending champions Liverpool were knocked out of the Carabao Cup in the first official match after the World Cup break at the Etihad, the former Benfica player missed an opportunity. Three gold medals could have made the game different, with former Cardiff City boss Neil Warnock slamming Nunez. “If Liverpool had Haaland They would easily win. An opportunity Nunez missed. I can’t believe he missed that chance,” he told talkSPORT .

           even though But have to admit that Nunez is still needed at Villa Park on Boxing Day. Liverpool have a number of key players who are still unable to play as they recover from injuries. And the team can’t wait for them to regain their form. Klopp’s side currently sit sixth, seven points behind fourth -placed Tottenham Hotspur . Reduces the gap to only 4 points.