Villa talked to agent Felix but there was a hint of frustration because the footballer was not interested.

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Fabrizio Romano has confirmed that Aston Villa have held talks with Jorge Mendes. The representative of Atletico Madrid’s Portuguese international Joao Felix. But the players want to find another club that is better. Therefore, it is likely to refuse to move to Sing Prominently.

Tier 1 journalist Fabrizio Romano reports that Aston Villa have opened talks with Joao Felix’s agent, Jorge Mendes . Atletico Madrid ‘s Portuguese club in the Spanish league to hope to win the league to play in the elite but the chances are small. Because the players are not interested in wanting to work with 

Villa talked to agent Felix but there was a hint of frustration because the footballer was not interested.

The 23-year-old has had outstanding performances for Benfica in the French league . Until being recognized as one of the best rising stars at that time. And there are many big teams that are interested in him before Atletico is the party to join the army. In the summer of 2019, from paying 126 million euros or about 4,536 million baht

However, in the past he has had a less impressive performance at the Wanda Metropolitano. not only that There is also a news flow that. He had a bad relationship with Diego Simeone, the team’s coach. until it became a constant rumor about the transfer of the team, which Atletico Madrid chief executive Gil Marin admitted that The player wants to leave the UFABET team.

Most recently , Romano said Villa were hoping to sign Felix but faced a difficult task in getting him. “Of course Aston Villa are trying to sign Joao FelixGeorge Mendes, his agent and relationship is very good. But the truth is that players expect something different. So I think it won’t be easy.”

Felix currently has a market value of about 43 million pounds, or about 1,805 million baht, but reports claim that Atletico want up to about 130 million euros, or about 4,810 million baht by Paris Saint-Germain. It’s a reasonable option, but Romano insists  PSG have no plans to bring anyone to join the army during the second transfer market in January.