What will happen when you win a prize with roulette

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Of course we have to get money. but from the bets placed. Let’s say I divide investment units at 10 baht per unit from a total of 8 points. I have to spend 80 baht as capital for playing in this round. Which will give me a return in the event that the roulette number 0 is issued. Which has a payout rate of 36 times the total capital, I will get a total of 10 x 36 = 360 baht deducted from the capital 80 baht.

Leaving a profit of 280 baht, not not more than. And if it doesn’t come out with a 0 number or the number that I bet on 4 numbers (25, 26, 28 and 29). The payout rate for betting on 2 numbers is 18 times the total capital. I will get money back 10 x 18 = 180 less Capital 80 baht profit left 100 baht. It’s considered ok.

But if it goes out where I bet on 4 numbers, I will get a return of 9 times the bet. Which is 10 x 9 = 90, deducting 80 baht capital, still remaining 10 baht. Still considered profitable. Even if it is a little less anyway If it’s out, in addition, it’s a total loss of 80 baht, that’s all.

What will happen when you win a prize with roulette

will refund from How to do online casinos if losing bets

Some people may lose their minds because of bad luck. Even when stabbed almost half of the wheel, it still hasn’t been hit. There is a way to solve this kind of thing, just go back to start from point 1 again, then place bets 2 times in every position. More than this But let’s see first how many baht the table we are playing is allowed to bet on. Otherwise, it will be a ceiling bet problem is unaffected. And now it will be difficult to get back the lost money. That’s why I gave an example of starting to bet with the minimum of the UFABET table.