5 warning signs to watch out for The silent dangers of having diabetes that you may not be aware of.

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Diabetes is considered a near danger that makes many people become complacent and think that there is absolutely no way they are at risk of developing this type of disease. Despite the fact that diabetes is likely to occur in all genders. And it’s not specific that it only happens to older people. Because at a young age there is also a risk of diabetes. This is because food is considered an important factor that causes many people to develop diabetes without realizing it. So we’ve brought you 5 warning signs of diabetes. Everyone knows. What will there be? Let’s go see together.

5 warning signs to watch out for The silent dangers of having diabetes that you may not be aware of.

1. Frequent urination
Frequent urination It is caused by the hormone insulin in the body not functioning properly. Causes blood sugar to rise And when the kidneys are unable to filter all the excess sugar back into the blood. The body will release sugar along with urine. That causes diabetics to urinate frequently and excrete large quantities.

2. Blurred vision
Blurry vision It is caused by the amount of sugar that accumulates in the lens of the eye, resulting in abnormal vision. Or sometimes it is caused by the blood sugar level being too high. Resulting in a reaction to the eyes. causing abnormal blood vessels in the optic nerve The symptoms of blurred vision have the potential to develop so severe that they can cause blindness.

3. Unusual weight loss
Unusual weight loss that is noticeable It is caused by cells being unable to use sugar to burn energy. Including a large amount of sugar in the body being excreted in the urine. As a result, the body uses muscle and fat to burn instead of using sugar for energy. And that results in an abnormally large weight loss.

4. Wounds heal slowly.
Slow wound healing is caused by high blood sugar levels. Until the function of blood vessels is abnormal. Therefore causing the ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com blood to not be able to nourish it adequately. causing the body’s repair process to become abnormal That is why it is not surprising that diabetic patients have slow wound healing. And in some cases, when they cannot be treated well, they are at risk of infection.

5. There is numbness in the tips of the hands and feet.
If you have numbness in the tips of your hands and feet Please note beforehand that you may be at risk for diabetes. This symptom is caused by high blood sugar levels that damage the peripheral nerves of the body. As a result, some organs such as the tips of the hands or feet are numb. And in addition to the numbness There are also similar symptoms. The sensations from touch are reduced until there is no sensation left, especially in the nerve endings.

In addition to the warning signs that women should know to warn of diabetes that we have mentioned above. There are also various behaviors Another thing that should be avoided to prevent diabetes is to avoid eating large amounts of sugar and starch. Reduce eating foods that are high in fat, refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages , and avoid factors that cause stress. Because all of these things help reduce the risk of diabetes very well.